Trump calls Jared Kushner a ‘good boy’ and Ivanka ‘honey’: Interview transcript reveals life inside the Oval Office

A noteworthy meeting transcript highlights President Donald Trump calling child in-law Jared Kushner a ‘decent kid’ and his girl Ivanka “nectar.”

Both Kushner and Ivanka Trump serve in White House, and got singled out for adulate as the president traded genial exchange with the manager of the Money Road Diary as a meeting transcript flowed Tuesday.

Trump vouched for his child in-law amid the meeting, which was directed in the Oval Office a week ago, not long after Kushner addressed congressional boards researching Russian decision impedance.

The president said thanks to the paper for an article lauding Kushner for his divulgence of his contacts with Russians and different nonnatives.

‘You made a decent showing with regards to. He’s a decent – he’s a decent kid,’ Trump said.

‘They composed an extremely decent publication, so great,’ said Ivanka Trump, who dropped by the meeting, resounding the remark.

Diary proofreader Gerard Pastry specialist, who partook in the lofty meeting, endeavored to clarify after the underlying compliment that the Diary’s newsroom wasn’t in charge of the article.

‘All things considered you know, my partners compose those, so they’ll be – they’ll be,’ Bread cook stated, as indicated by Politico, which got a duplicate of the full transcript.

‘You made a decent showing with regards to,’ the president stated, overlooking the qualification.

‘No doubt, you truly did,’ Ivanka Trump tolled in.

‘Much appreciated, nectar. Remain around on the off chance that you need,’ Trump told his girl at a certain point.

A Diary representative told the distribution the paper was ‘glad for the on-the-record talk with we directed with President Trump, which delivered different, newsworthy articles.’

The fire included: ‘We distributed the essential selections from the meeting. We saw no motivation to distribute the crosstalk that unavoidably goes with any discussion.’

Dough puncher additionally told the president’s girl, ‘It was pleasant to see you out in Southampton half a month prior’ – without a doubt at a gathering by Washington Post beneficiary Lally Weymouth.

‘How is your Arabella,’ Ivanka asked Dough puncher, who has a 15 year old little girl who has an indistinguishable name from Trump’s little girl, 6.

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