’90 Day Fiance’ Larissa Lima Says She’s Done with the Franchise

’90 Day Fiance’ Larissa Lima Says She’s Done with the Franchise

’90 Day Fiance’ Larissa Lima
I’m Done with ’90DF’ Franchise for Good
CamSoda Was Last Straw!!!

9/26/2020 11:01 AM PT

Larissa Lima says she’s out of the ’90 Day Fiance’ universe for good — but it’s not because she wanted to leave … it sounds like she’s accusing the network of giving her the boot.

The Brazilian reality star made the announcement Saturday, which seemed to tie up a rocky week-and-a-half-plus she and her current boyfriend, Eric, have gone through … ever since she raised a boatload of cash with a camgirl sesh, with a Kylie-esque makeover to show off.

Of course, shortly after that good fortune … Larissa and Eric tried getting outta Dodge for the Rocky Mountains — they said they were leaving Las Vegas and moving to Colorado Springs, presumably to start fresh. Their plans for ’90 Day’ were a bit unclear at the time.

Now, they’re crystal clear … because Larissa says she’s out, and supposedly — it’s because TLC, which airs the series as well as its spinoffs, released her from her contract.

Larissa writes, “Dear Friends and Followers, I want to make a statement for you, I am no longer a cast member of the show ’90 Day Fiance.'” She goes on to say, “Because of my show with CamSoda, I was released from my contract with TLC by phone the day before ICE arrested me.” Larissa says she’ll continue producing her own content on her own platforms.

As we reported … Larissa dropped a small fortune — upwards of $72k — for a handful of cosmetic surgeries, all with the goal of looking as close to Kylie Jenner as possible. It would appear the investment paid off — because we’ve heard her cam show raked in more than $100k for the one hour it was on. Assuming Larissa received anywhere north of half of that in her agreement with the porn company, she likely made her money back, and maybe some.

That might all be for naught, however, because we also learned ICE might be gunning to deport her after her brief detainment a week ago.

Welp … hopefully, ’90 Day’ wasn’t the end-all, be-all for her. We’ve reached out to TLC to confirm Larissa’s account … so far, no word back.

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