Great news! The Polestar Precept will enter production

Great news! The Polestar Precept will enter production

This will become reality. Some day.


Polestar strongly hinted that its Precept concept car was an indicator for the newly minted brand’s future, but we now know it had grander intentions. The Precept won’t just influence Polestar’s future design — it’s headed to production, the automaker announced Saturday.

The grand coupe concept, which was meant for a Geneva Motor Show debut, got a digital launch instead when news broke in February that the European show had pulled the plug, as the coronavirus pandemic escalated. We haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the Precept in person, but overall, the concept strikes us as a distinct design in some ways, if not a tad sterile and robotic. It’s also the first Polestar design that isn’t based on a past Volvo concept, which is refreshing to see in its own right.

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The long grand coupe nails the traditional two-door look, but suicide doors reveal its sedan secret. That’s a good thing, since Polestar said it considers China its home base. Chinese buyers typically shy away from traditional coupes. Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO, said in a statement that the brand realizes drivers want to see real change and “not just dreams.” The Precept is meant to be a futuristic dream come true when it enters production. Just expect it to wear a numerical nameplate when it comes out. Polestar’s first car is called the 1. Its second car is named the 2.

Polestar said vehicle development is now underway, and it sounds like we’re still some time away from actually seeing the first production model hit the streets. The company plans for a new production facility in China to assemble the grand coupe, though Polestar didn’t provide any timeline for construction plans just yet. Hopefully, this machine makes its way to the US to help Polestar really make a statement.

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