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China’s ‘CatQue Virus’ which can be a pandemic in India: What is this virus?

China’s ‘CatQue Virus’ which can be a pandemic in India: What is this virus?

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India, which is already fighting the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and is the second worst-hit nation globally, is now facing a threat from another virus known as the Cat Que Virus (CQV), originated from China.

Scientists at the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) discovered the CQV and have claimed that this specific virus has a potential to cause disease in the country. CAT Que Virus is found in pigs and culex mosquitoes.

So what is this virus? Here is all you need to know about the Cat Que Virus (CQV):

1. CQV comes under the category of Arthropod-borne viruses and has been reported in countries such as China and Vietnam.

2. The study carried out by the ICMR discovered antibodies for the virus in two of the 883 human serum samples which were tested across several states in India. This showed that people had been infected with CQV at some point of time. These two samples out of the total 883 were from Karnataka and had tested positive in 2014 and 2017 respectively.

3. Indian mosquito breeds such as Ae. aegypti, Cx. quinquefasciatus and Cx. Tritaeniorhynchus were susceptible to the virus, the ICMR study showed.

4. Apart from mosquitoes and pigs, birds such as the Jungle Myna may also act as a host.

5. Probable symptoms of CQV among human beings can be paediatric encephalitis, meningitis and acute fever.

6. As per reports, the virus can be transmitted when a person is bit by a mosquito.

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Tennessee Titans COVID-19 outbreak

Tennessee Titans COVID-19 outbreak

The NFL has its first COVID-19 team outbreak. At least nine members of the Tennessee Titans have produced confirmed positive test results in the past four days, a rash of coronavirus infections that …
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The Walking Dead’s Negan Is Now A Magic The Gathering Card

The Walking Dead’s Negan Is Now A Magic The Gathering Card

Wizards of the Coast is collaborating with AMC’s The Walking Dead for a Magic The Gathering Secret Lair drop. Earlier this year, MTG players got to see their first look at the Zombie token card, and now Wizards is revealing that Negan is coming to play for the upcoming limited time set.

The Walking Dead Secret Lair drop will feature brand-new cards for MTG, and will be available for pre-order during a limited window between October 4 and 12–starting at 11:30 PM ET on October 4. One of the new cards is none other than Negan, the infamous villain from the series who has no problem bashing in heads with a baseball bat, tat’s played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the show. Check out the card below.

Negan is a 4/3 Legendary Creature with a very fitting ability. When the card is put onto the battlefield, you and a target player each pick a creature that player controls, and then that creature–or creatures–is sacrificed, and you get a Treasure token. That Treasure Token gives you one colorless mana when you tap then sacrifice it.

“The game design team really nailed expressing these rich characters with just a few numbers and a couple lines of rules text,” Wizards product architect Mark Heggen told GameSpot. “Negan is one of my favorite examples; when he hits the battlefield he has a unique rule that forces one of your opponents to play this sick mind game where they have to choose and sacrifice one of their own creatures, but you can also get into their head and trick them into sacrificing more than they had to! It’s a fun moment in the game, and it feels exactly like something the real Negan would do.”

Putting The Walking Dead characters into MTG makes sense, as zombies have been a part of the card game for decades. “When we at Wizards first started thinking about teaming up with an outside partner, we made a big list of worlds and characters that we thought would be natural and exciting fits,” said Heggen. “The Walking Dead is a force of nature when it comes to modern horror storytelling, so that immediately jumped out to us as an amazing opportunity. I knew the team over at AMC would be great partners, so we gave them a call and everything just clicked into place.”

If you want to get a hold of these cards yourself, you’ll have to order it from the Secret Lair site between October 4 and 12, and if you miss out, you will not be able to get it from Wizards of the Coast in the future. It’s a one-time deal.

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Market swings are a sign ‘something is lurking,’ says strategist who called ’08 crisis

Market swings are a sign ‘something is lurking,’ says strategist who called ’08 crisis

The Tell

Signal or noise?

Is it time to “get out of Dodge”?

Courtesy Everett Collection

The ups and downs in the stock market over the past few
weeks haven’t been fun for anyone – though they arguably help keep financial
journalists employed.

Here’s another thought. The recent pattern may be more than just the normal course of business – and perhaps something to pay attention to.

“After that whippy rally out of nowhere yesterday, I started to think how the current market pattern of instability and volatility is so much like what we saw back in January and February of this year,” wrote David Rosenberg, a long-time strategist now running his own firm, Rosenberg Research.

Rosenberg is often known as a bear, and he has had a glass-half-full view through most of this year. But he’s also known for predicting the subprime mortgage crisis, even while working for one of the biggest enablers – and victims – of the bubble, Merrill Lynch.

Biggest moves in the Dow Jones Industrial Average

January 27

-453 points

January 31

-603 points

February 4

+407 points

February 5

+483 points

February 24

-1,031 points

February 27

-1,190 points

February 28

-357 points

March 2

+1,293 points

March 3

-785 points

March 4

+1,173 points

September 3

-807 points

September 9

+439 points

September 10

-405 points

September 14

+327 points

September 21

-509 points

September 23

-525 points

September 25

+358 points

September 28

+410 points

Source: Rosenberg Research

While investors worldwide knew about the novel coronavirus in January and February – few people anticipated just how bad it would become. Rosenberg also points out that markets “tanked” in February, but only ended up “bottoming when the Fed and the Treasury and Congress teamed up to engage in the most intense policy easing of all time.”

Veteran investors sometimes like to associate the bond market with signals and stocks with noise.

But Rosenberg thinks recent stock-market choppiness should be a reason to worry.

“Does this behavior look normal to you?” he asked. “Any reason, you think, for all this volatility? Could it be a signal that something is lurking around the corner?”

It’s not clear what that “something” could be, although there’s a long list of headwinds, from the U.S. presidential election to a no-deal Brexit to the seemingly endless string of natural disasters. And underneath it all are rising global COVID-19 case counts that could swamp health systems and sap economies – which forecasters expect to only get worse with the return of winter.

“Fatigue has set in, people are getting sloppy, but the impact on economic activity is still one of a drag,” Rosenberg wrote. “And as we go into fall and then winter, this situation can only get worse. And the market gyrations, as at the turn of the year, are telling you get out of Dodge – as in, de-risk.”

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Xiaomi’s first Google Assistant speaker looks like a Bose, costs a quarter of the price

Xiaomi’s first Google Assistant speaker looks like a Bose, costs a quarter of the price

While most of us know Xiaomi for its extensive smartphone lineup, it maintains an even bigger ecosystem of IoT products back home. Looking specifically at smart speakers, Xiaomi does have a bunch on offer, but they all use a local voice assistant that only speaks Chinese. One of those speakers is now making an international debut as the Mi Smart Speaker with Google Assistant and Chromecast on board.

The Mi Smart Speaker is comparable in size to the Google Home and delivers 12W output using its 2.5” forward-facing driver. This directional audio can come handy when you pair two units for a stereo setup. The metal-clad unit has its touch controls on the top, while a ring light, heavily inspired by the Amazon Echo range, encircles the top edge. It’s also got two far-field microphones to pick your voice commands. The entire design takes some heavy cues from the Bose Home Speaker line-up.

As previously said, the Mi Smart Speaker gets its smarts from Google Assistant, which brings along its full bouquet of connected features, including the ability to speak both Hindi and English in the first launch market, India. It should work just like your usual Google-branded speakers, except for a few features that are exclusive to or land first on Home/Nest units.

You can set up the Xiaomi speaker using the Google Home app. In India, it’s priced at ₹3,999 (~$55), but you can get one for ₹3,499 (~$47) as part of an early-bird offer from Mi.com, Flipkart.com, and Xiaomi’s offline retail network — at this rate, you can grab two for stereo pairing and pay less than what a single upcoming Nest Audio should cost. Buyers will also get a free 1-year subscription to local music streaming app Gaana.

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Are we taking Patrick Mahomes for granted? | Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin


Are we taking Patrick Mahomes for granted? | Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin – YouTube

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NASA schedules the first Crew Dragon operational flight for Halloween

NASA schedules the first Crew Dragon operational flight for Halloween

“The new target date will deconflict the Crew-1 launch and arrival from upcoming Soyuz launch and landing operations. This additional time is needed to ensure closure of all open work, both on the ground and aboard the station, ahead of the Crew-1 arrival. The increased spacing also will provide a good window of opportunity to conduct additional testing to isolate the station atmosphere leak if required. SpaceX continues to make progress on preparations of the Crew Dragon spacecraft and Falcon 9 rocket, and the adjusted date allows the teams additional time for completing open work ahead of launch.”

The mission will take NASA astronauts Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover and Shannon Walker, as well as JAXA’s Soichi Noguchi, to the ISS. There will stay there for six months. SpaceX delivered the Crew Dragon spacecraft that will be used for this flight to Cape Canaveral in Florida back in August. The capsule will launch on top of a Falcon 9 rocket from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on Halloween at around 2:40AM Eastern time.

NASA says it’s in the final stages of the data reviews needed for the company’s certification following Demo—2. It will broadcast a series of media briefings to provide updates about the certification process and to talk about the Crew-1 mission starting on September 29th, 11 AM Eastern.

NEWS: We’re now targeting 2:40am ET Saturday, Oct. 31, for the launch of the @NASA and @SpaceX Crew-1 mission to send astronauts to the @Space_Station. Here is the latest #LaunchAmerica update: https://t.co/UXtCHLq247 pic.twitter.com/szkUUQMVv1

— Kathy Lueders (@KathyLueders) September 29, 2020

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Explainer: Why the coronavirus death rate still eludes scientists

Explainer: Why the coronavirus death rate still eludes scientists

(Reuters) – Global deaths from COVID-19 have reached 1 million, but experts are still struggling to figure out a crucial metric in the pandemic: the fatality rate – the percentage of people infected with the pathogen who die.

Here is a look at issues surrounding better understanding the COVID-19 death rate.

How is a death rate calculated?

A true mortality rate would compare deaths against the total number of infections, a denominator that remains unknown because the full scope of asymptomatic cases is difficult to measure. Many people who become infected simply do not experience symptoms.

Scientists have said the total number of infections is exponentially higher than the current number of confirmed cases, now at 33 million globally. Many experts believe the coronavirus likely kills 0.5% to 1% of people infected, making it a very dangerous virus globally until a vaccine is identified.

Researchers have begun to break down that risk by age group, as evidence mounts that younger people and children are far less likely to experience severe disease.

“The death rate for people below age 20 is probably one in 10,000. Over the age of 85 it is around one in 6,” said Dr. Christopher Murray, director of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington in Seattle.

What is a “case fatality rate”?

There has been an apparent decline in death rates when measured against the number of new infections confirmed by coronavirus testing. In places like the United States, that “case fatality rate” has fallen dramatically from 6.6% in April to just over 2% in August, according to Reuters statistics.

But experts said that the decline has largely been driven by more widespread testing compared with the early days of the pandemic, detecting more people who have mild illness or no symptoms. Improvements in treating the severely ill and protecting some of the highest-risk groups, are also credited with improving survival.

“We are much more aware of potential complications and how to recognize and treat them,” said Dr. Amesh Adalja of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security in Baltimore. “If you are a patient who gets COVID-19 in 2020, you would much rather get it now than in March.”

What does that mean for individuals, and governments?

That highlights the need for continued vigilance, as some countries begin to experience a second wave of infections.

For example, researchers in France estimate that country’s case fatality rate fell by 46% by the end of July compared with the end of May, driven by an increase in testing, improved medical care and a greater proportion of infections occurring in younger people, who are less likely to experience severe disease.

“Now, we are seeing a fresh rise in hospitalizations and ICU (intensive care unit) registrations, which means this discrepancy is about to end,” said Mircea Sofonea, a researcher with Montpellier University in France. “We will have to understand why.”

Reporting by Deena Beasley; Additional reporting by Matthias Blamont in Paris; Editing by Will Dunham


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Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict: Casualties mount in Nagorno-Karabakh

Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict: Casualties mount in Nagorno-Karabakh

Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict: Casualties mount in Nagorno-Karabakh – BBC News
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Naya Rivera’s Sister Breaks Silence After Reports She Moved in With Naya’s Ex to Help Raise Nephew

Naya Rivera’s Sister Breaks Silence After Reports She Moved in With Naya’s Ex to Help Raise Nephew

“I’m not concerned with the way things look,” says Nickayla Rivera.

Naya Rivera’s sister Nickayla has alluded to reports that she moved in with Naya’s ex Ryan Dorsey in order to help raise her nephew Josey after her sister’s tragic drowning death.

Still clearly grieving her family’s tremendous loss, Nickayla posted to her Instagram Stories, “In the darkest time of my life, the only thing that is important is my friends and family. Showing up for my nephew, even though I can’t show up for myself.”

That last statement could be seen as confirmation of the reports that she and Ryan have agreed to work together in helping raise Naya’s five-year-old son with Ryan, Josey Dorsey.

“I’m not concerned with the way things look because no one can see each agonizing moment we all endure,” Nickayla continued, possibly referring to an awareness of the reports that began circulating on Monday.


She may also be aware that there is a contingency of people out there who believe that this is more than just a situation where Nickayla is helping Ryan with Josey, suggesting the two have struck up a romance.

Her next statement could be a direct response to a litany of vile and nasty comments on all of her most recent posts on Instagram from people making this assumption and then judging her horribly over it.

“What matters most I’ve learned, is to show compassion, not to judge others, and never take a moment of life for granted. I hope you all can do the same,” she wrote. Clearly, at least to this point, they cannot.

Nickayla’s comments come on the heels of The Daily Mail reporting that she and Ryan were living together now in a three-bedroom home, seen shopping together for household goods at a nearby department store.

The 25-year-old model has not posted to her Instagram page since July when she posted back-to-back tributes to her older sister Naya.

Based on the nastiness of the comments showing up even in those posts, we don’t imagine she’s in any hurry to return there no matter what may or may not be happening in her personal life.

Ryan’s Instagram page has been equally quiet since he posted a tribute to Naya on July 25, with his followers attacking him on that post — and others — just as viciously. Ryan has not posted anything in response to the reports, or this backlash.

The reality is that no one knows definitively what is going on, and even The Daily Mail’s report referred to them coming together as family to be there for Josey. Any other spin appears to be coming from the fans themselves.

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